DIY: Miniature Storage from Mantic Box and Movement Trays

Been some slow weeks, and I have mostly reorganized my collection and tools.

However, made a Miniature Storage box from Mantic Box, and Movement Trays 🙂




Terrain: Seer’s Stone (by Tiny Terrain)

If you’re looking for some terrain, then highly recommend taking a look at Miniature Market – Tiny Terrain. It highly doable, cheap, and detailed.

However, it tend to have a lot of casting residue, so if you think you have washed it clean – then wash it a second time. If you haven’t cleaned it well enough, then the paint will peal off.

Getting through my own pile of Tiny Terrain, and this time it’s the Seer’s Stone.

Judgements of Khorne: The Wrath-axe

When the necroquake shook the foundations of the Mortal Realms, the barriers between the aether and the Mortal Realms were weakened. For practitioners of magic, this meant more eldritch powers were within their reach – for the followers of Khorne, who despise the arcane, it meant they could more easily draw manifestations of the Blood God’s judgements from the Realm of Chaos and send them crashing down upon their enemies.
The Wrath-axe, a supernatural blade that cleaves through enemy units
Source: Games Workshop

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