I’m struck with the crafting bug! :D

Finally getting ready to paint my Khorne daemons. But with D&D coming up this weekend, and skulls still in the mail.So woke up early this morning wanting to start crafting terrain again.
I’m a big fan of the terrain Black Magic Craft produces, and plan on crafting these:
1. Dungeon Tiles

2. Dungeon Stackers

4. Pillars

5. Dungeon Tile Stairs (going down)

5. Modular Ruined Walls (need to finish this)

It’s a big project, but I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Terrain: Seer’s Stone (by Tiny Terrain)

If you’re looking for some terrain, then highly recommend taking a look at Miniature Market – Tiny Terrain. It highly doable, cheap, and detailed.

However, it tend to have a lot of casting residue, so if you think you have washed it clean – then wash it a second time. If you haven’t cleaned it well enough, then the paint will peal off.

Getting through my own pile of Tiny Terrain, and this time it’s the Seer’s Stone.

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