Sylvaneth Army Shoot (Fantasy/AoS)

The Sylvaneth are fey creatures from the wilds of the Mortal Realms, particularly prevalent in Ghyran – the Realm of Life. Seemingly linked to the aelves, these creatures are formed not of flesh and blood but bark and sap, living in perfect harmony with the forests and glades they call home. From Dryads to Treelords, the Sylvaneth... Continue Reading →

Drycha Hamadreth – Sylvaneth (Fantasy/AoS)

Said to be a truly ancient spirit, one who fought at the end of the world-that-was, the daughter of Alarielle known as Drycha Hamadreth has named herself the Regent of the Outcasts, leading them into battle while screaming her discordant songs of hatred for all who are not sylvaneth. Her lack of control and bloody-minded... Continue Reading →

Tree-Revenants – Sylvaneth (Fantasy/AoS)

Merciless, fast and graceful, Tree-Revenants have a number of duties in a sylvaneth Household. Patrol, defence, conquering and crushing; huge bands of Tree-Revenants, with their sombre outlook and delicate limbs make the bulk of a Household force. Everything they do is reminiscent of the Protectors of ancient days – their intention is is to uphold... Continue Reading →

Sylvaneth Dryads – Sylvaneth (Fantasy/AoS)

The Sylvaneth Dryads are a howling, screaming manifestation of the forest’s wrath, falling upon those who defile their sacred glades with a malign violence that borders on glee. Dancing lithely between their opponents with a grace that belies their nature, they stab and choke foes with vicious talons, and few who invoke their wrath make... Continue Reading →

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