Seraphon (Lizardmen), Skink Startpriest (Games Workshop)

This model is a NPC/quest giver in my D&D campaign, and I have come to love painting models for my D&D. Not necessarily because the models are better than the GW models used in my Warhammer war games, but there’s always a story attached to a D&D model which makes it more “alive” to me 🙂

AoS/Fantasy: Orc – Wurrgog Prophet

Filled with the magic of the Waaagh!, the Wurrgog Prophets are powerful wizards and the unchallenged leaders of the Bonesplitter warclans. Behind their baleful masks, they radiate the potent aura of Gorkamorka, filling their opponents with dread and driving their mobs into even greater heights of frenzy Source: Click here for more pictures.

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