Necromunda: Jokaero Weaponsmith

The Jokaero are an intelligent alien species who resemble the orange-furred great apes of Old Earth known as orangutans. Though lacking any known form of language, they are capable of tremendous feats of technological construction and manipulation, and specialise in the development of weapons technology, particularly miniaturised weapons. Source: Click here for more pictures.

Necromunda: Scabs

Scabbs is a Necromunda half-Ratskin Bounty Hunter active in Hive Primus, who is the friend and sidekick to the famous Bounty Hunter Kal Jerico.[Source: Click here for more pictures.

Necromunda: Kal Jerico

Kal Jerico is the most famous bounty hunter in Necromunda's Hive Primus. Born the son of Necromunda's Planetary Governor Gerontius Helmawr and Heleana Jerico (which she later described as "just one of the many disagreeable things one has to do for the greater good of the Imperium"[1]), Kal left the luxury of the spire for the life of a bounty hunter in the Underhive.As... Continue Reading →

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