ORKZ! New Codex

Just saw MWG doing a review of the Ork Codex, and man does it sound great! 😀 https://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Ork-Codex-Review-Kulturs-Gubbins-Shiny-Things And then an epic Ork vs Ork battle rapport featuring The Mountain and Ork Mike! Awesome guys 😀 https://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Orks-vs-Orks-Warhammer-40k-Battle-Report-Ork-Codex-Review-Game Will make an extra effort to get some Orkz painted this year!

AoS Lore Videos by MiniWarGaming

Was so bummed when the old world got destroyed, because it kinda felt like home... As a Chaos player I'm not turned off by the idea of realms, but couldn't quite get the feel of it. Matthew's video series "Travelling through the realms" helps, making the move from Warhammer Fantasy into Age of Sigmar  smoother... Continue Reading →

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