Shrine of Chaos Shout Out :)

Caught my first live stream of Dave’s “Shrine of Chaos” on Twitch this morning 3am (Japanese time), and with a shout out for Chaotic Colors πŸ™‚

I just can’t get enough of his ramblings… They reminds me of the constant chatter in my own skull haha

Fan Moment! :)

MWG Dave aka Chaos Champion aka David Nordquist got his commissioned Chaos Lord, and loves it πŸ™‚
As a fan of and not least of Dave, this was quite the moment for me… Pure Awesome Sauce!
I also included some Japanese snacks in the box, and got some pictures of the staff (Steve, Luka and Josh) with some green tea KitKat and shrimp crackers πŸ˜›

If you want a closer look at the model for Dave, then you can check out all the pictures here:

Chaos Undivided – Chaos Lord (Games Workshop)

This commission is for David Nordquist aka MiniWarGaming Dave!
I’m a big fan of Dave, and MiniWarGaming in general, so a bit of fanboy love in this piece.
It’s also my first scenic base, which was a fun challenge.
Takes a lot of time from idea, getting bits (I didn’t own any Tau), and decorating the base. But a scenic base adds so much more character/story to a model, and I will definitely be playing around with doing more scenic bases in the future.

David wanted a “Chaos Undivided, Dual Chainsword wielding, Chaos Lord”, and I had artistic freedom on anything else.

Chaos Undivided was actually a bit hard for me to pull off, since many of the cool colors are already used in other Chaos legions. So I went for my version of an old school 80’s metal look, all dirtied up and rusty.
Dual Chainswords are pure awesome sauce, but anyone who watches MiniWarGaming should be familiar with the “Mark of Dave”. This is an expression from waaay back, when Dave started referring to his proxied models as “Mark of Dave”.
I thought it would be cool to magnetize ALL available weapon options magnetized on this model, so David won’t have to “Mark-of-Dave” this one hehe

All the weapon options can be seen at my Pinterest account (click here)

Almost forgot… Wrote up a little background story for this guy lol

“Dave was a commander of the Iron Hands, and a devout servant of the Emperor of Man.
Then his birth world got attacked by Tau, after they refused to give in to the β€œgrater good”.
Dave just happened to be in the system, but was ordered to intercept an Ork infestation near Terra.
Following orders Dave found himself leaving his home world, and the distant cries for help over the vox begging him to turn around was tearing at his soul. Dave gave in to the cries for help, disobeying orders he sat course for Jern – his home.

His people was tough and brutal, but the Tau were too many.
Dave and his battle brothers went into a state of pure hatred and bloodlust. So much that it drew the eyes of the Chaos Gods upon him, and with promises of power and revenge against the Tau he pledged himself into their service… anything to remove these interlopers, and all of their kin from existence!

Dave managed to save many warriors on the ground, but had to retreat into the Warp when the second, third, and fourth wave of Tau arrived.

Jern died that day, but a Chaos Lord with a burning hatred for the Tau race was born!”

Looking forward to seeing this guy wreck havoc and destruction in future battle reports…. For The War Master!!!

PS. Pictures of all the weapon options can be seen at my Pinterest account (click here), along with pictures of all my previous work.

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