WIP: Bloodletters (Khorne Daemons)

Decided on how to paint my Bloodletter’s swords... now to wrap up the remaining 47, so I can paint them all in one go lolNot the fastest, or most incredibly. But better than metallic swords, and makes up for my rushed paint job on the Bloodletters themselves Guide to airbrushing the sword, and paints used.... Continue Reading →

Blades of Khorne – Korghos Khul, Mighty Lord of Khorne (Games Workshop)

Tried weapon glow/osl for the first time on this model, and I think it turned out okay.Making the scenic back was a lot of fun, and the "Blood for the Blood God" covered in "Agrellan Earth" combo worked out great.However, cutting up Khul's sculpted base (pile of skulls), and fitting him and his flesh hound... Continue Reading →

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