Aurumvorax aka Golden Gorger (D&D)

A D&D classic!
” The aurumvorax seems to have a deep affection for precious ores and minerals, which it consumes to supplement its mainly carnivorous diet. It often lairs near places where such things can be found. Gold seems to be its preferred inorganic dish. Many say that the aurumvorax’s disproportionate strength is due to eating these things. The aurumvorax is widely hunted for its fur, which can be used to make garments of great strength and beauty.
An aurumvorax resembles something akin to a rodent or mustelid such as a badgerweaselmarmotgopher or ferret, but larger, and it has eight legs. It also has slightly leonine features, and its golden-brown fur is as strong as plate armor. Despite the small size and rodent-like appearance, the aurumvorax is quite physically powerful. “


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