Mechanicum: Thallax Cohort

The Thallaxii are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, and they differ from the Skitarii regiments both in purpose and the unique degree of their augmetics. The Lorica Thallax was developed from power armour technology and requires a robust human specimen.

The Lorica encloses the major organs, nervous system and cerebrum, but entirely replaces the skeletal structure and limbs with armoured bionics powered by an internal reactor-core. Surgical excision of the subject’s pain sensors, emotions, and normal human sensory apparatus and the agony caused by the Lorica’s implantation, leaves the Thallax a cold, calculating killing machine (albeit one that retains a degree of independent thought).

To some among the Mechanicum, this operation skirts the edge of abomination, yet the baleful Ordo Reductor continue Thallax conversion regardless; using suitable Forge Guard, fallen Skitarii, and other subjects obtained from more mysterious sources.
(Source: Forge World)

Mechanicum - Thallax Cohort (2)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Belisarius Cawl

Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl was already old at the dawn of the Imperium, over ten thousand years ago. During that span of ages the Tech-Priest has served as a Forge Lord, a Lexico Arcanus and a renowned Magos Biologis. On the battlefield Cawl is a force to be reckoned with, fearlessly scuttling into the thick of the fighting, assessing threats and broadcasting carefully planned orders to his troops. Most enemy fire is thwarted by his force field; however even when parts of his mechanised body are blown off, cables snake out in a whir of activity to effect immediate repairs, or swarm anything that dares comes close…
(Source: Games Workshop)

Adeptus Mechanicus - Belisarius Cawl (2)Adeptus Mechanicus - Belisarius Cawl (3)Adeptus Mechanicus - Belisarius Cawl (4)Adeptus Mechanicus - Belisarius Cawl (5)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Kastelan Robots

A huge, ancient robot built ten thousand years ago, the Kastelan Robot is a perfect example of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ repurposing of technology. Nearly unstoppable, their only flaw is that of any mere machine; they will follow instructions to the letter, even if this results in their own demise. A specialist Tech-Priest – the Cybernetica Datasmith – must constantly update and reprogram the Kastelan via order dataslates, lest this enormous, clanking robot simply stride blindly into a nearby chasm. Make no mistake, however; when his controls are set to destroy, the Kastelan will destroy.
(Source: Games Workshop)

Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (1)Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (2)Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (3)Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (4)Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (5)Adeptus Mechanicus - Kastelan Robots (6)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Fulgurite Electro-Priests

Surrounded by a protective veil of lightning, clutching electroleech staves, the Fulgurite Electro-Priests believe that there is no greater blasphemy than the waste of energy. Striding into battle at the height of religious mania, they are capable of draining the very bioelectricity from their foes, storing it in powerful capacitors as the enemy drops to the ground, cold and inert as stone. This stolen energy will later be used to power their holy march across the galaxy, everything behind them falling into permanent darkness.
(Source: Games Workshop)

Adeptus Mechanicus - Fulgurite Electro-Priests

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