Price Guide

Important: This is a guide, and prices may go up or down depending on your choices.

  • Quality Levels:
    All prices include assembly, removal of mold lines, basic basing, and varnish (layer that protects the paint job).
    Basic Quality: Price not included in the price guide, because it depends a lot on the details of the model, and just how low detail/fast you want it painted. Quick, but looks good on the gaming table. Basic colors, wash, and dry brush. Good choice for large units of infantry.
    Standard Quality (My Table Top): Simple, but yet detailed. This is a good choice for your more detailed models like elites and other larger models. Models in this category are given extra highlights, and there is being paid extra attention to details.
    High Quality: Detailed, with special attention to special effects like weathering, power sources, additional highlights etc., which will look good at close inspection. This is a good option for your special units like characters, or if you want your army to look it’s best on the battlefield.
    SPEED: +50% cost and get in front of the line. I will paint your models in my free time, and this is why you can get in front. This option is only available if I have time, and will primary be for smaller projects.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    You can read these at the bottom of the page. 

If you have any questions, then please contact me 🙂

Smalls / Swarms (f.e. Drones, Grots, Scarabs)

Standard Quality: 500 yen /5$ ~
High Quality: 1000 yen \ 10$ ~

Troops (f.e. Space Marine, Bloodletter)

Standard Quality: 1000 yen / 10$ ~

High Quality: 1500 yen / 15$ ~

Mounted / Beasts (Bike, Wraith)

Standard Quality: 2000 yen / 20$ ~

High Quality: 3000 yen \ 30$ ~

Elites (f.e. Terminators, Waywatchers)

Standard Quality: 1500 yen / 15$ ~

High Quality: 2200 yen / 22$ ~

Small monsters/ Vehicles (f.e. Dreadnought, Morghast Archai)
Standard Quality: 4000 yen / 40$ ~
High Quality: 6000 yen / 60$ ~

Hero (f.e. Space Marine Captain, Araloth)

Standard Quality: 3000 yen / 30$ ~

High Quality: 4500 yen / 45$ ~

Medium Monsters / Medium Vehicles (Rhino, Great Eagle)
Standard Quality: 3000 yen / 30$ ~
High Quality: 4500 yen / 45$ ~

Large monsters/ Vehicles (f.e. Stormfang, Treeman)

Standard Quality: 5000 yen / 50$ ~

High Quality: 7500 yen / 75$ ~

Largest (f.e. Imperial Knigt, Bloodthirster)

Standard Quality: 10.000 yen / 100$ ~

High Quality: 15.000 yen / 150$ ~

Titan size (f.e. Warhound, Dread Saurian)
Standard Quality: 25.000 yen / 250$ ~
High Quality: 50.000 yen / 500$ ~

Terms and Conditions

  • Pricing
    All prices include assembly, removal of mold lines, basic basing, and varnish (layer that protects the paint job).
    The listed prices are based one “the average”, but models vary in both size and detail, so your price may divert from the listed prices.
  • Buying Models
    Save money on new models, and have them shipped directly to me. Transfer the money needed to buy the models (+ shipping), and I will buy the models for you.
    Note that I can not be held responsible for any mistakes on the seller part, but will do my best to get any problems solves should they occur.
  • Delivery
    You pay shipping cost both ways.
    I will calculate an estimate shipping cost after models are received, and include it in the second payment price (see Payment).
  • Payment
    Payment is done via PayPal or bank transfer, you pay any additional fees, and is done in two portions:
    Deposit Payment: First 50% of the commission price + models cost if you have me buy your models (see Buying Models) 
    I will need a deposit payment of 50% (combined total price) before starting on your project, to cover any work materials. 
    Should you choose to cancel the project before it is complete, then depending on my progress, I reserve the right to keep the deposit.
    Final Payment: Last 50% of the commission price + shipping cost (see Delivery).
  • Project Communication
    Clear communication from the start of the project is important to avoid you being unhappy with the result. 
    So please be as clear and precise as you can, with your instructions before I start on your project.
    While working on your project, I will send pictures and updates to ensure everything is going according to our plan.
  • Refund Policy
    All  customers should be fully satisfied with what they have spent their money on, so clear and open communication about the project is very important.
    If however, you are not satisfied with the finished work, and the quality is not as agreed, then I will make another pass on your models free of charge.
    Should you still not be satisfied after a second pass. Then no problem, just send the model(s) back in one piece, and I will refund the whole price of your commission (minus transportation cost). This applies to all orders up to 30.000 yen. 

If you still have questions, then feel free to contact me.

– Chaotic Colors

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