Spider Eggs (DIY)

Some homemade Spider Eggs I made for our D&D Campaign 🙂

Base is XPS foam, rocks are wood chips, eggs are plastic berries from the dollar store, webs are torn up cleaning sheets/wipes, and the slime is Nurgle’s Rot technical paint from Games Workshop.

WIP: Transportation Box

Being a total noob at wood work, and DIY in general, this project is turning out pretty good 🙂

Transport box features:

– Adjustable shelves to accommodate models in different heights.

– Metal sheets on the shelves, for magnetized models (will be added later).

– Wall to keep models from falling out the front, in case the box should fall over.

– Space in the bottom for tape measure, dice etc.

Went completely Ork on this, and haven’t taking any notes for this before or doing. So please don’t ask for any sketch etc.

Oh, did I mention that everything fits perfectly, and the shelves doesn’t rattle at all? #slightyproudofmyself lol

WIP: Transportation Rack/Box

After a long break, it’s finally time to get back into the hobby!

And if you’re traveling with your painted models, then keeping them safe doing transport is very important. So I have begun making a transportation rack/box for my backpack, with adjustable metal covered shelves for my magnetized models 😉

I’m no DIY guy (at all), so getting the measurements and planning was a big step for me. But it’s coming along nicely already 🙂

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