AoS Lore Videos by MiniWarGaming

Was so bummed when the old world got destroyed, because it kinda felt like home… As a Chaos player I’m not turned off by the idea of realms, but couldn’t quite get the feel of it.
Matthew’s video series “Travelling through the realms” helps, making the move from Warhammer Fantasy into Age of SigmarΒ  smoother πŸ™‚

The Realm of Fire (Aqshy):

The Realm of Life (Ghyran):

The Realm of Light (Hysh):

The Realm of Death (Shyish):

The Realm of Metal (Chamon):

The Realm of Shadow (Ulgu):

The Realm of Light (Hysh):

The Realm of Beasts (Ghur):

The Realm of Heavens (Azyr):

The Realm of Chaos:

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Discount Code for Warrior’s Tree Terrain!

Warrior’s Tree started with a group of friends with a passion for tabletop war gaming, and having a good looking table to play on.
They take custom orders, and I had a lot of custom terrain made for D&D / Frostgrave back when the business was new – and I can highly recommend them.
However, they have been extra productive, and are currently stocked up on terrain.
So go check out their Facebook page “Warrior’s Tree“, and have a chat about what terrain you want on your table.

Make sure to use the discount code “Chaotic10” and get 10% off on your purchase!

Also check out the links for what’s currently on stock:
PS: The pictures are just teasers, lots more in the albums.
PPS: I don’t get anything from sharing this, just want to help out some friends πŸ™‚ (Lizardmen totems)

SR0vaW9 (40k city walls)
b74Rd1A (the tower)
fbQ5TmX (the lumber mill)
0zuHubG (Rocky mountains with crystals)
wpCruBi (a Haunted forest set)
8ThtdrH (an orc village set)


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