New page: Miniature Sale

Taking a brake from painting commissions, so I can focus more time on my other interests such as family, school, and painting my own models on the regular again!

This extra time has finally giving me chance to take a closer look at my collection, and made a page where I will be selling all the extras 🙂

Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for lots of D&D, KoW Vanguard, AoS, and 40K (Khorne, Nurgle, Chaos, and Greenskins)!

Chaotic Colors’s new home

My apologies for changing website again.

But I have zero experience in building a website, and had to find out what I wanted from my website provider.

Choose SquareSpace because it seems straight forward, and easy for beginners. But found that it looked quite amateur despite the many hours dedicated to it, and the more advanced options obviously required a higher monthly fee.

I ended up just using the blog function, so thought… Why not just make a free blog then?

So headed over to Blogspot. It was so much easier, and already looking better than my website with only a day’s work on making it.

However, I missed being able to blog via an app on my phone, apparently Blogger doesn’t have one, so started looking for a new place.

So here I am at WordPress.

The app is amazing (using it to write this post), and it has a ton of customizations even on the free level.

Some of you have noticed my decline in posts lately, and I thank you for the concern. But being generally busy, bummed out about the new Blog not having an app, and searching for a new provider was the reasons.

This website is still under construction, and the domain ( is still pending… But let’s just embrace the chaos, and get this show back on the road 🙂

– Chaotic Colors

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