WIP: 2000pts Black Legion (3 days left)

Hmm… guess I asked for this to go wrong the second I made it public lol
Nurgle interfered, and I didn’t paint for six days.
However, my painting plan still works great, and adding the black to the armor is super easy mode now.
The process so far:

  • Prime black.
  • Base coat everything metal (leadbelcher).
  • Gold trim (Retributer Armor).
  • Wash everything with a black/brown wash.
  • Dry brush everything with silver (leadbelcher).

This way all of the metals are done, and in my experience these are the most daunting and messy.

I’m obviously not going to finish this in time, but it is what it is. Now I’m just hoping to block in the base colors, and some quick bases before the tournament.

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