40K Unit Cards Update #3

Ran into further problems with names being too long, not having suitable card colors for armies like Slaanesh. Which makes sense, since the MTG Card Smith is for creating MTG cards 😛

So I decided to make a standard card template for all armies, with the following improvements:

  1. Black colored cards. When I can’t find fitting colors for each army, then I just use a single color that fits them all.
  2. The cards title and subtitle areas are limited in the number of characters you can fit, and I don’t like shortening unit names or leaving out important keywords. So will be typing those separate in word as well as the main stat box. (also removed the icon)
  3. Extended the text box further by removing the bottom info.

Hopefully this will be the final update.

Here what the same card looked like before all the updates:

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