Guide to: How I made my DIY Necron Unit Cards (+ DL)

My homemade unit cards got a lot of positive response, and many wished to know how I made them – and to share the cards.
So I have tried to explain the steps below. This is most likely not the easiest way to make the cards, but it’s how I made mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Pictures: From the Games Workshop site (
  2. Card Frames: Made on MTG Card Maker (
  3. Card Text and “assembling” it: Done in Microsoft Word.
  4. Customization: My changes, and why I made them.
    Please note that the reason for making these was to play with my 7 year old daughter, whose native language is Japanese, and some text has therefore been simplified. You can of course change that yourself.
  5. Downloadable Necron Unit Cards (only for personal use).

  1. Pictures:
    Not much to say about this step, except that if you want pictures for your cards, then getting them from the Games Workshop website is easiest. They’re also high quality, and with a nice white background.

2. Card Frames:
You can make very cool card on MTG Card Maker website, but I had trouble with some of the pictures being too small to upload, and fitting all the text needed in the text box.
So I only used the MTG Card Maker for the “Card Look”, and here is how I did my Necron cards. You can obviously use different settings.
Upload a picture. I chose a small Necron Icon with white back, so that it would blend in with the pictures from the GW (will insert those in step 3).

B. Designing the cards.
This is how I did mine, but do as you like ๐Ÿ™‚

– Card Title: All in Capital letters because it looks cool.
– Casting Cost: You could insert the units points cost here. But I don’t want to make new cards whenever points costs are being changed, and only wanted the cards for reference anyway.
– Type & Subtype: I used these for the unit categories. Set type to “custom”, and you can create your own.
ex. “Type (Character) Subtype (Infantry, Overlord)”

– Rarity & Icon: Did chose any Rarity, but found the “Gear Icon” fitting for the Necrons.

You are now done with the card design, and can click the blue “Preview Card” button at the bottom.

Now download the card, and click the blue “Edit” button to make the next card. And instead of starting from the beginning, just change title, type, and subtype… rinse and repeat until all your cards are done.

Extras: Weapons and Upgrades:
It was not possible to fit the entire list of possible weapon- and upgrades on the cards. So instead I made the basic load-out (sometimes all different versions of an unit), and the the upgrade-able parts on separate cards as weapons and upgrades.
ex. Lord with basic load-out and his upgrade-able Hyperphase Sword as a separate card:

Ex. Tomb Blade with Gauss (made all 3 variants) and upgrade-able Shadowloom as separate card:

3 versions of Tomb Blades

3. Card Text and “assembling” it:
Import the Card- and Unit picture in Word. Then make sure they are “In front of text”, so you can move them in front of each other.

Like this…

Then take the copy and paste the text box (with an excel box), make it “In front of text” as well, and move it over the two pictures. You might have to to use the “bring forward” function to make some objects visible from under the other objects.

Edit: after all three objects are placed where you want them, select them all, right click and โ€œgroupโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly find a fitting background, if you want. And you can now “print on both sides” to get the finished unit cards ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Customization: My changes, and why I made them.

  • The size of the cards (90mm x 125mm) are made to fit laminate pockets (95mm x 135mm).
  • Some of the weapon’s Strength (“S”) numbers are written in green, and are either user, x2, or + damage. I pre-calculated the Strength to make it faster for my daughter to read the cards, and learn the game faster.
  • Special abilities/rules are only listed as keyword in the bottom of the card. This is mostly because I am not going to use these in the beginning, when playing with my daughter. You could add them to the backside of the cards, but I would rather just look them up in the codex, or make a reference sheet.

5. Downloadable Necron Unit Cards TEMPLATE* (only for personal use).
*I have removed the pictures, and numbers from the cards due to Copyright.

If you find the guide and/or cards useful, then please consider donating a “cup of coffee” (^_^)

Thank You - Thinking Thomas

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  1. Thank you for the guide! One question, after you’ve made the card how do you print them? (ie what material to print on)
    Also, are you based in Japan?

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