Torturing myself removing old (tiny bases) -_-

So why do I do this to myself? Especially when it’s not against the rules to play with smaller bases, if that’s what the models were supplied with when bought?

32mm base vs. 20mm base

Not only do the bigger bases look better, not having the feet sticking out over the rim. But the bigger bases also provide much better balance to to models, and keeps them from falling over all the time when moving in games… which is VERY annoying when moving 30 Orks or 20 Bloodletters with big swords and banners!

Guess I’m kinda forced myself into getting these done, if I want to play next game lol

PS. That’s the “Trapped under plastic” podcast in the background, making my suffering manageable 🙂 It’s an awesome podcast, and you should give it a listen!

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