Judgements of Khorne: The Wrath-axe

When the necroquake shook the foundations of the Mortal Realms, the barriers between the aether and the Mortal Realms were weakened. For practitioners of magic, this meant more eldritch powers were within their reach – for the followers of Khorne, who despise the arcane, it meant they could more easily draw manifestations of the Blood God’s judgements from the Realm of Chaos and send them crashing down upon their enemies.
The Wrath-axe, a supernatural blade that cleaves through enemy units
Source: Games Workshop

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    1. Program?
      Did you mean:
      How long time the model took? No idea, I jump between projects and doesn’t time any of them… It’s all about having fun painting 🙂
      How long time I spend on the website? About 5 min every day 🙂


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