First time trying pre-shading a Rhino

This was done to test the pre-shading technique, and I know it’s rough – especially the red.

Not entirely sold on this, and will stick to washes for now. But with practice, this might be a good tool to know.

Here’s my steps:

1. Base coat white (grey would also work with darker results)

2. Airbrush the corners, and between panels black.

Note: I think that with a bright color like yellow on top, a grey might have been better?

And less black in general, especially between panels.

3. The a dark yellow (Everland Sunset), and bright yellow (Flashgit yellow) straight from above and 45 degrees on the sides.

4. The same process with red.

Note: this was messy, but will probably repaint anyway.

And yes, the scheme tested is for my future ANGRY MARINES 🙂

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