Magnetizing Bases Next Level!

Hello, my name is Knud, and I’m addicted to magnets!

I have magnetized a ton, including all my own bases. Done this for easier transportation, storage, and because I can!

A friend of mine wanted to magnetize his bases, and asked me how I went about it…. I had me thinking, and an idea just struck me – Super Glue!

You will need:

Hot glue gun

Cooking sheet

Magnet (size is up to you, and the size of the model. But I use 5mm neodymium magnets)

Base you want magnetized

Optional: knive


Ninja tip: draw an outline of the base on the cooking sheet, that way you can place the magnet nicely in the middle, and know where to drop down the base.

Scouring the surface before gluing is ALWAYS a good idea, it not only make the glue grip better but dries faster.

Apply your blob of hot glue, and do not be shy… There’s plenty of space.

Now you just place the base/model onto the magnet, which you placed in the circle on the cooking sheet…. The say “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!” 8 times while the glue dries.

It’s still there…

Because you’re super awesome, and used a cooking sheet the glue doesn’t stick, and comes off super easy.
And because you placed it on a flat surface, then base is 100% level.


Your model can now climb white boards, fridges, and maybe even your car? So keep an eye on it!

He can even chill upside down, so battling Demogorgons has never been easier!

If you like my tips/blog, then you can always drop a coin in the tip jar here:

Anyface… Embrace the Warp, and thanks for stopping by 🙂


There’s obviously other more solid ways, and I have tried a bunch myself.
But hot glue is sooo damn easy, cheap, fast, and works great.

However, haven’t tried it on bigger/heavier models, and that might be its downfall… But I’m definitely doing this with all my infantry from now on 🙂

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