Battle: WAAAGH!!! Orks vs Chaos

Will be taking my Gargantuan Squiggoth for a stroll tomorrow, and my opponent is just as crazy as myself (if not crazier). And we have decided to do a “Clash of Titans” themed battle, bringing our bring stuff 🙂

I normally try to keep at least 95% of my army painted, so this will feel very weird with only the Squiggoth painted… I will just have to trust that Gork, because this is definitely more brutal than kunnin’, will favor my rolls despite all the grey 😛

My list:

Ghazghkull Thraka (Warlord)

Gargantuan Squiggoth

Kustom Stompa


My opponents list is Chaos, with something big. I will see exactly what tomorrow 🙂

Now I must make some weapons for my Stompa, or Gork will flay my hide.

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