Space Marines – Heroes

Some “good guys” before we get back to more of that wonderful heresy 🙂

This was a Promotion Commission done for the Harajuku Warhammer Shop in Tokyo (Link), back when the Space Marine Heroes deep striked the shelves of Japan.


Blood Angels - SMHeroes (6)Ultramarines - SMHeroes (7)Imperial Fists - SMHeroes (7)Raven Guard - SMHeroes (7)Novamarines - SMHeroes (5)Dark Angels - SMHeroes (6)White Scars - SMHeroes (7)Iron Hands - SMHeroes (6)Salamanders - SMHeroes (6)Crimson Fists - SMHeroes (6)Black Templars - SMHeroes (6)Space Wolves - SMHeroes (6)

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