D&D: Monster Cards

Ever wondered what all the D&D (5th ed.) monsters would look like as cards?

I bought the all the monster card PDFs from Inkwell Ideas, and just finished my little collection.

Took me ALL night and morning doing this (last few hours were tough), and I do recommend getting the psychical cards if possible 😉

Used them a my last game, and I loved them!

– Chaotic Colors

5 thoughts on “D&D: Monster Cards

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    1. Had done some intense research myself, and while many generous souls have shared their own monster cards. I wasn’t quite happy with them, but these from Inkwell Ideas just hit the spot.

      My only worry is the 6th edition will appear now that I made them haha

      However, there’s also cards without stats, but just the descriptions. They look pretty cool as well 🙂

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  1. Yeah, the size of my cards is not consistent because some beasties have so much info. I laminated all of mine as well (I love my laminator lol).
    Don’t worry about 6th ed for awhile. 5e is the most popular edition ever. WOTC will milk it for at least another 5 yrs (maybe more). 🙂

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    1. Don’t get me started on laminating, you develop a special relationship with that thing haha

      Laminated a ton of unit cards for Warhammer etc., and had to defeat my inner laminate demon not to do these as well.
      I used the excuse, that unlaminated I can slip in personal notes in the sleeves haha

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